I had to extend the reading today because Carla was so correct. I was literally amazed!

Wow, just had an amazing reading with Carla. I can’t believe how much she knew. I am so glad I decided to do this today. It was a true blessing. The first thing I asked Carla was about my love life. I currently have a husband and a boyfriend. I have been so torn as what to do about this situation. I gave her my boyfriend’s name and birthday first. The first thing she said was “I bet the sex is awesome with him” – true fact. I gave her my husband’s name and birthday. She said she saw me breaking up with both. This floored me because I’ve had a nagging feeling that I was going to end up without either relationship.

Carla told me I needed the relationship with my boyfriend in order for me to end my marriage that had been failing for some time. She said that I would have never left otherwise. She said once I am free of these relationships, she saw me happy, working and enjoying my new freedom. She said there would no longer be any stigma attached to me because of the situation I have been in recently. She said I shouldn’t wonder if I will be able to make it financially and not to worry because my husband is not the type of guy to be a total jerk. My husband actually is a wonderful man. I have never met a more forgiving person in my life. She told me my life would take a complete turn for the better and she saw things ending in my current relationship in May. She said if I wait longer than that I may run into problems. She saw me meeting another man later in the year, possibly in October.

I told her the reason that I have been so worried about making it financially is that I have had trouble working due to having Fibromyalgia. She said not to worry about being poor that I will find a job and I will be working for a really nice man. She said I should have already been working for this man two months ago. So I won’t give up on the search for work.

She saw that the medications I have been given for my condition are causing me problems and that possibly I have been misdiagnosed. She said she saw that I have aluminum toxicity and asked me about the deodorant I use. She saw that it is entering my body primarily via my deodorant and has been causing me problems with my lymph nodes and I am wiped out by mid-afternoon. My lymph nodes have been swollen a lot and I have started developing rashes under my arms where I apply my deodorant. She said I should switch to a crystal deodorant and to consider weaning off of the medications. She said the medications are just knocking me out. Again she was right. Every time I take my medicines, I have to take a nap and my nap is always around 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon. At this point I had to extend the reading because she was so correct, I was literally amazed.

I then asked her if my grandma has been present. She has passed but I have felt her presence a lot lately. I gave her my grandma’s name and birthday. She said my grandma was “Queen of her Universe.” I couldn’t describe her better than that. She was the strongest woman I ever knew. She said my grandma has been watching my current situation and says I need to get off of my (*ss) and get working! Grandma wants me to quit making excuses and get going because she knows I’m capable of so much more. That sounded so much like my grandma. She was so proud of me and all of my accomplishments, even though she passed when I was only 19 years old.

I asked her if my other grandma that recently passed last year led me to my boyfriend because I have always felt that she did. Right after I watched her take her last breath, I came home and looked for some letters she had written me as a child. We were kind of like pen pals because I didn’t get to see her as much. Carla said that she saw something “falling to the floor.” I almost stopped breathing at this point because a picture fell out of those letters. The picture was of me in line in my fifth grade classroom. Standing in line right beside me was the man that is now my boyfriend. Carla also said that she saw this grandma to be less “bold” as my other grandma, yet very forgiving and wise. This woman was a very forgiving person and she was wise. After all, she had raised ten children and had lived to be 90 years old and left behind great-great grandchildren when she passed.

As far as my future, Carla said she saw me leaving this town that I currently live in and I would eventually get my own place; but, at first, I will be staying with someone for a while. She said the town I currently living in was bad for me, but I wasn’t going to move very far. Carla had no clue that I have been talking to my mother about moving in with her until I could get off my feet. My mother lives in the next town about ten minutes from my house. Then Carla told me to make sure I write my testimonial right away because she saw me having “short term memory issues.” I DO have terrible short term memory and tend to procrastinate.

She said she saw me switching gears, even as soon as tomorrow. She said I have a tendency to be able to switch things fast. Correct. Carla did an amazing job. As for the future, I guess we will see but it has encouraged me to keep going.

Thank you, Carla.


LaGrange, Ohio

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