Overall, this reading made me feel good about life again. Carla helped to reignite my spirit.

Sometimes in our lives we reach a point of desperation. Maybe it’s depression, maybe it’s because you grow tired of waiting for a change, or maybe you’re just looking for the answers necessary to help guide you back to the right place. Whatever it may be – that’s where Carla comes in.

Over the past year I worked almost 14-15 hours a day and the end result was depression, fatigue, and low energy. I felt like my life was sucked out of me and that I couldn’t remember the girl I used to be. Happy, Positive, Cheerful, and funny. I worked so hard but the end result led to nothing and innocent people were hurt. I found Carla’s profile on twitter and I’ve been immediately drawn to her soft heart and kind spirit. Of course you can get all the free readings you want on twitter – but there’s a reason as to why they are free.

[Example: If a reader states “You have two bad spirits around you… tell them Scarlett says go away”- – YOU’d better block that person and run!!!]

I debated on having a reading with Carla but I’m glad I did. My first area of interest was my health. I’ve had 4 surgeries all around my abdomen. Carla immediately picked up that I was having issues around my lower abdomen under my rib cage. She offered a few different approaches for me to try like changing my diet, and suggested that I start using a citrus extract called Agrisept-l 3x a day. The most fascinating part of my reading was when Carla mentioned that the organization I was previously working for is under an investigation/legal issue involving a money scam (one that I’m going to be testifying for.) She also mentioned that I will start a new career as early as May 1st and this position would be with a clinic around older people. Her prediction of me working with the older population was surreal. Roughly 5 years ago, I worked as a PCA and took care of an elderly woman who was under hospice care. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this happens!!

Overall, this reading made me feel good about life again. I’ve been worried, stressed, tired, sick, etc. Carla is very genuine and kind. Aside from just being a reader, she makes you feel more like a friend. If you are debating on whether or not to have a reading with Carla, or the cost is an issue, or maybe you’re a skeptic, give her a chance to help put you back on the right track. This was my first reading, I hope to have her read me again in the future. Thanks again for all you do, Carla.

I’ll be praying for a “Victory” soon and will celebrate with “Victory Pig Pizza.” ♡

Thank you, Carla, for helping me find my true self again.

Drums, PA

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