Carla told me it seems to be the same soul of the last baby I miscarried – that sometimes they do indeed come back to you when the time is right.


Hi Carla,

I wanted to thank you for reading me and my “Mardi Gras” baby today. The conversation was not at all what I would have expected. From you confirming my pregnancy -to you telling me to “get angry” to keep the pregnancy and to continue having sex, as this was good for the baby & for me.

I have been having concerns over this pregnancy since I miscarried my last. You calmed those fears for me completely. You were so very helpful in explaining what caused the last pregnancy to miscarry. Thank you for explaining it was actually on my husband’s part, and there were things “not in place” for him to have a child at that time. You’re completely right – it was unplanned, and he was not in any way shape, or form, ready. He had actually asked me when I told him I was pregnant if I would consider ending the pregnancy.

You also helped me by saying he is now a completely different person – that he has had an epiphany of sorts, and is now in a very different place. I was very glad to hear that. You also told me a former stress that was causing problems has now passed, and my marriage is currently going through a “renewal.” We have recently been through a great deal of stress in our marriage, so I was glad to hear about a renewal. Everything we talked about was just right on target for me. Each thing you confirmed for me.

I asked if this baby is a girl or boy, and you said this one is a girl. You also told me it seems to be the same soul of the last baby I miscarried – that sometimes they do indeed come back to you when the time is right. It’s very hard to go through a miscarriage – but to have you explain how it really was the fear and things just not being ready or right for my husband that caused it was a huge comfort. Just knowing it wasn’t something that I did is very helpful. It also helps to understand how connected our souls are.

You told me this baby will be very close to me, and that she will not trust my husband because of the previous experience with the miscarriage. It all makes perfect sense – my first daughter doesn’t trust my husband either for similar reasons. You also told me to pay attention to the eighth month, possibly a little bit early birth for this baby. I’ll have to let you know on that one. But the eighth month should be significant. You also said this one will have a strong will, and most likely have the sign of Leo – which would be exactly the right if I deliver early.

You did tell me a couple of “funny” things you said be careful not to let my fears get in the way of this one and to fight for it. You said to get angry and it helps me get things done. Indeed, getting angry does give me a certain determination that will not allow me to give up on something. You also said to make sure I keep having sex – that I need this energy to help the pregnancy. You said that I might have to push my husband on this a bit, as he seems afraid of hurting me or baby. I did ask how to tell him about the pregnancy since I have not yet. You said just wait a bit longer as it seems he has a new job offer coming which will provide more income, and he will be more receptive then. Especially since this one too was not planned!

Thank you so much for all of your insight. It is most helpful. You are a true gift and blessing. You are the only psychic I will ever turn to with my trust. You are most compassionate and understanding when reading. It’s appreciated more than I can express. Thank you again, dear Carla.

Atlanta, GA

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