Carla sees details on our new home – even when we were dead set on another!


Hi Carla,

We had a reading on April 18th. I wanted to let you know that we have since gone under formal contract on selling our current home and under contract on a new home.

You told me there would be something sort of ironic about the new house, possibly the address number. The address is 4 Derbyshire Way and I grew up at 4 Sunnybank Lane- so it seems like I’m going back to my roots. You told me we would end up picking a house that needed a little cosmetic work and sure enough, we decided to go this route and walked it with a general contractor and are getting a plan together to do exactly what we want to it.You said it would be very plain and it is a beige wonderland of boring so we are excited to get the contractor in and do what we need and get it up to our taste.

Thanks for sharing this with me, I was so stuck on another house that was above budget that I feel like I would have missed this one had you not told me about the plain house and putting our stamp on it. Thanks again!

Danielle Browning
Wilmington, DE

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