“I would suggest anyone not waste their time with other psychics, because Carla does not just give you the answer – she will give the reasoning behind it that will inevitably provide needed closure for oneself.”

Dear Carla,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for last night’s reading. After a long time, I managed to have a good night sleep! Following our reading together I felt like I had just come back from a holiday and I now have a sense of peace that I have desperately yearned for. I am looking forward to the future and not regretting any of the choices that I have made in the past. You have restored my self-confidence which I thought I would never get back and to an extent – felt that I did not deserve.

I had been in contact with a guy I had met while I was abroad and we had an instant connection, a connection that I had never felt before, a connection that I knew was special and not worth losing, so when we lost contact (he lost contact with me) I questioned my ability to trust my gut instinct, my intuition which I had always guided me in the right direction. Right away, before I had the chance to explain my situation with him to you, you stated that we were soulmates, that we were married in a previous lifetime, and that is why I had felt such a connection to him.

You picked up on his dad being a strong dominating force in his life, a controlling figure, and that his dad did not want us to be together, this was true and something you would have not known! You were spot on about his dad, and how his son did not like to confront him because it would make him sick, this was true and again I am very shocked that you knew this! You told me that he has disconnected from the world so his dad would not be able to contact him, and that is why he is not in contact with me, but we will see each other this August and that marriage was in the cards for us in the future.

However, we must go on our own personal journey in order for us to have future together, whether it’s marriage and/or even developing a business together, which makes perfect sense to me now.

When we met, you were right, I was still healing from a heartbreak, the heartbreak from the passing of my dad/nearly losing my mum to cancer/having heart attack, (again something you did not know!) and when I met my guy I wasn’t emotionally ready to be with him, and you were right, our encounter happened prematurely, but I was drawn to him, which makes sense to me now since we were together in our past life! Thank you for restoring faith in myself.

I mentioned to you about a sexual assault that happened to me from my diving instructor. I always questioned myself did I do anything to lead him on, was any of it my fault, should I have not worn a bikini that day!? You made me feel a lot better and reassured me that it was not my fault, that he was never planned to assault me, he just did it out of impulse while under water and that because he was holding me down while under water it was his sense, his opportunity of being in control, as he felt that I thought I was too good for him.

You predicted that around December I will be in a job that I will be very happy in, it will involve something different to what I am doing now, it will involve working in finance but the experience that I will gain from this will be used to develop a business, probably with my soulmate, the guy I met while abroad! You mentioned the lesson that I needed to learn from the sexual assault was basically to stand my ground as I will be propositioned by rich men involved in the company I work for. I am now looking forward to dealing with this negative situation that is to come my way as I now feel mentally prepared to deal with it, so again thank you for that. I now know there is a lesson to be learned from these sexual assault incidents and I am ready to deal with it.

I realize from what you said that these “timings” are subject to “free will” choices with souls interacting, but as you said – these are my “1st windows” I can look forward to.

Thank you very much Carla for your time and patience with me during this reading. I admit I was apprehensive at first as I feared what might come out but you really put my mind at ease.

I would suggest anyone not waste their time with other psychics, because Carla does not just give you the answer – she will give the reasoning behind it that will inevitably provide needed closure for oneself.

Thank you Carla for using your gift to help me people like me. I will certainly be giving you an update!

Liverpool, UK

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