Carla next said – ‘attempt to contact the family as I will be instrumental in offering them a different direction to pursue – and to do this now.’ She then said that this was my destiny role – doing this kind of work with my gifts.


On Tues 12th Sept I booked a reading with Carla, which took place on Wed 13th Sept 2017. I’m in Barnet, Hertfordshire in the UK so we arranged to do the reading via Skype telephone.

I had a list of questions that I wanted to ask Carla, which, come Wed had completely gone out of the window, as, being a psychic medium myself – I had been drawn in to a Missing Person case – not by the family, but by the Missing Person himself, whom is deceased. I even feel bloody weird writing THAT down – but that’s the truth of it!

Long story short, the first question I asked Carla was “am I right in the all the information I’d got from the person” – yes I know, some mediums, etc., call dead people ‘entities’ and ‘energies’ and ‘ghosties’ or what have you – but, for me – in my world and life, since I was visited by the first dead person I clearly recall – they were a person – they always were – and always will be – it was my maternal grandmother – and she was no more an ‘entity’ than I was – or am. She was and still is, my nan – and always will be.

Anyway – Carla gave me the low down and answered: yes, I was correct and although there were other key pieces of info that I hadn’t received – but what I had received was indeed, correct.

I had to ask Carla that question because – well – she’s the expert on Missing people that I have great respect for – and – well, I’d booked the reading with her initially to know what the heck it was I was meant to be doing with my gifts because I hadn’t been doing anything at all – until that same, fateful Wed morning when I’d gone to Sainsburys and felt myself dragged to the news stand to buy the Irish weekly paper, depicting the missing man on the front!

In the past I’d received lots of detailed information about missing people, from the missing deceased people themselves or others in the world beyond the veil – and – I’d never done anything with the information. Let’s just say ‘life’ kept getting in the way – and I just didn’t – and the end result was always, that I was proven right, which I don’t say with any glow of excitement whatsoever (long story).

Anyway – Carla next said – ‘attempt to contact the family as I will be instrumental in offering them a different direction to pursue – and to do this now.’ She then said that this was my destiny role – doing this kind of work with my gifts.

So basically – Carla entirely answered the question I ringing to ask her in the first place – but didn’t get around to! She said she saw me with the family when the body was discovered – that I would be responsible for discovering it – leading them to it.

She also said I tend to shy away calling myself an ‘expert’ at anything – so true! And that within a year from now – this kind of work, will be my ‘thing’. The biggest thing Carla said – the most impactful thing was – ‘to contact the family – and do this now’ – well – I’m just a regular plain Jane, jean wearing non-fluffy – regular – really regular person. In the grand scheme of things – especially the psychic world – I’m a ‘nobody’. No ‘case files’ no recorded feedback, no list of clients nor any great prediction tales to write home about. I’d only ever done ‘sittings’ or ‘readings’ for people in some workshops I’ve attended – none whatsoever anywhere else.

A huge massive part of me thought, to put it mildly, who am I to phone a complete stranger – in another country – to tell her that what’s in the paper, that she herself had relayed to the paper – was in fact – a lot of – untruths – and to cap it all – that her brother was in fact – in another world altogether, not just in another country!

Carla told and assured me that the family member would be open to receiving my contact with them and the information I’d provide. Carla said – quote – “you’ll hyperventilate a bit when making the call” – hmmm – yep – I did THAT alright! At the time she was telling me this and I was writing it down – I know there was a large part of me thinking “wtf!?…” or something to that effect! I had no intention of telephoning anyone about the info I’d received prior to having this reading with Carla – but ‘something’ made me absolutely know she was right.

She told me she had never, in all her career – ever told anyone to contact the family under such circumstances before – which I believe – yes, I’m a reluctant psychic medium, always have been – but I knew myself that 2017 was a ‘different year for me’ in this respect – I just didn’t expect (really) that I’d have to stick my neck out so far as having to contact total strangers myself – after all – it’s different if they come to you looking for help – often I have felt totally ‘put upon’ by dead people – so much so, that through the years – I have told many – to – go away – or something to that effect!

I mean who the heck goes ringing up totally distraught people, who are at their wits end, desperately looking for a loved brother, sister, husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father or friend. People whom have absolutely no one to turn to, to answer their questions, to solve the massive burden of the awful mystery that they find themselves enveloped in – with nowhere to turn.

I learned from Carla – it seems – I AM THAT person, on this occasion at least. The most reluctant psychic medium I know – me – has been saddled with THAT burden. My own evidence had better be ‘better than good’ – that’s all I can say! Who the heck would want this burden? I don’t even call my own kids half the time because there’s always some huge life thing going on in their worlds – and I don’t want to have to sort it out! – I want to live the life of a footloose, trouble-free mum and granny thanks, whenever I can!

Anyway – I called the woman in question – gave her the list of info about her brother – including a key piece that Carla had given – I hyperventilated my way through it – nearly had a bloody heart attack when she asked me if I knew her brother – which in response to, I had to say the words ‘I’m a psychic medium’…I’m sure my face was almost purple at this stage, but I pressed on!

I told her I wouldn’t call her again – but she had my number if she needed/wanted it – and I wished for her and her family, peace – and apologized for having to tell her such things on the telephone – but I couldn’t help it as I knew the story in the paper was wrong – and she was suffering so much. But I did it!

And then I nearly fell off the couch when she told me she’d let me know the outcome! God Bless her and her family – my heart goes out to them all.

But Carla sees me being there – finding the body – with the sister – and bringing him back home and being protective of her and her family. On another note, in answer to what work I’d be doing for a living – to earn an income – Carla said she saw me working with an Author doing research work and working in collaboration with him – that we’d meet around Halloween 2017 and we’d turn into good friends – and that the research was to do with ‘psychic detective work’.

Carla spoke of the Karmic lessons we’re all here to learn and picked out mine very accurately. She also read my astro-natal chart and gave me a clear insight in to the type of person I am – the psychic I am and gave me a clear indication of why my life and psychic ability was panning out as it is right now – it was a really helpful insight in to ‘me’ for myself.

She also told me I’d have a gallery online with the psychic art and portraits I do – given I’ve taken the first huge step – I’m looking forward to seeing all this come to fruition myself and seeing exactly what it can do to improve the lives of others.

Lots of Love, Carla!

From Barnet, Hertfordshire UK – all well and good – and being nicely looked after despite the miserable nasties out there! :o)

P.S. – I found websites etc on line today about the man – and some things I mentioned to the woman were there to be seen and read – I didn’t look for anything before I called her that same day I spoke to you, I just did it today – glad I did – it gives me hope at least!

Barnet, Hertfordshire UK

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