“Just to give you an update, well you were obviously right with regards to your predictions from my last reading.”


Hi Carla,

Hope you are keeping well.

Just to give you an update, well you were obviously right with regards to your predictions from my last reading.

Aaron and I did meet up and although we had a minor argument at first-based on the miscommunication on our meeting point and him getting annoyed at me when other men were staring at me (at this point he said was aware that he was being aggressive towards me) and also he said I need to stop being so kind to everyone?! I did feel that during this visit we truly bonded! ….just like you said!

We were a lot more intimate this time – like you said we would, but we couldn’t have sex because I was very tired/tense (From some reason I had the strongest vibe of my dad-who has passed over…the ultimate mood killer!!!)

I am glad you told me it was ok to be intimate with him because I felt happy and still do, so thank for that.You also removed my fear of being intimate with someone – a fear that I thought would always stick with me so again really thank you.

Despite the mishaps he told me that we were committed to one another and that I mean something to him.

We said our goodbyes and would have to say I had an amazing time with him and I thought he did as well. He wouldn’t leave when we were saying our goodbyes!

However, he told me when we last met that he would be flying into London on 29th- today, however I have not heard anything from him! Whenever we plan to meet up he tells me in advance, so I am assuming he just doesn’t want to see me? I never thought of him being a devious person, but I suppose people change? I really thought all was going well! Maybe this is a life lesson.

Anyways I am about to book a session with you.

Kind regards,

London, UK

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