Please know Carla hit the nail right on the head, and those exact worries that have been plaguing me for over three years.

I had a reading yesterday with Carla and I am reaching out to anyone who might have any doubt that they could benefit from taking the time to contact Carla.

Firstly, I will comment on the ease of setting up the appointment. Her instructions are laid out on her website and I paid through Paypal which was quick and easy. In my circumstance I am assuming that as soon as Carla got the notification from PayPal that I purchased a 15-minute session, she contacted me to let me know, via the email I provided. She offered a time slot that morning and we spoke just over an hour later. I liked having the appointment happen soon after I paid. I personally appreciated not having to anticipate anything for too long.

We connected through skype audio and I gave the birthdate of my Grandfather who passed on Christmas several years ago. She was able to pick up on the fact that he was completely ready to go when he did and had great sense of peace about where he was headed. This was indeed exactly so. He in fact had written a whole page explaining to people who he was leaving behind to be happy for him and not sad.

I then asked her to check on my mother to see how she was. She is still alive, but I have been dealing with constant thoughts pertaining to her safety. This ongoing plaguing feeling that never goes away is what I can only think my intuition. But I cannot know for sure until that sweet gift of hindsight smacks me in my face.

Please know that I did not give any information about why I wanted Carla to see if she could pick up on anything about my mother. Again I gave her first name, and day and month of birth.

Only a few seconds after her receiving the birthdate information she commented to me about her relationship. I could hear her grimacing as she said this man is not good. I stayed quiet. Next she said he is doing something that is in her words – “criminal.”

To whom this may concern: Please know Carla hit the nail right on the head, and those exact worries that have been plaguing me for over three years. Although I have tried to express my concern to my mother, it only put a wedge between us and now our relationship is nonexistent.

Difficult to hear those words from Carla as the truth can hurt, but I can certainly say that I have gained a better respect for my own abilities as a sensitive human.

Carla helped me understand that my mother is extremely proud and she will soon come to realize what I have thought to be true; she also will realize this within a 6-month time frame. It will be difficult as you all can imagine – it is my mother. I do feel that Carla’s guidance to me to step back is not only better for my health, it is what needs to be done in order for my mother to come into her own awakening.

I will end with this: I would recommend MORE than the 15 minute session – and if you have to postpone in order to afford the longer session, just do it. Or if there is something plaguing you and you are in need of some clear perspective, then just go ahead and contact her. I do not doubt there will be something in it for you.

Sincerely, wishing the world peace.

Toronto, Ontario

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