Carla has been instrumental in walking me through my lawsuit. Her past predictions sure enough came to fruition!


I’ve been reading with Carla since the fall of 2017. I was in a strange time in my life and felt like on was on the verge of something larger than I could see.

My first call with Carla we spoke about my romantic life. She felt like I would have someone come into my life in early 2018, from my work. Sure enough, I went to Punta Cana on a reward trip from my job. There was a guy that came out of nowhere, as Carla predicted. She also said that I would end it. The relationship happened, exactly the way she said it would. At the time, I couldn’t even see myself being open to anything, but as she told me it would play out, it did! The guy sent me non-stop selfies of himself during the day which at first was like, okay this is strange but after several weeks, and hundreds of selfies, I ran for the hills!

She also told me I would be making a big change, too, in my life. At that time, I was top sales producer in a company, and field of work I adored. I kinda thought, no way could this be correct. In April, I was retaliated against and fired from my job. I moved from Maryland to North Carolina within two weeks.

I always had a feeling I would come into money, and be financially secure. She said she saw me being fine financially. Tough to hear when you’re just getting by. In February my ex’s stepmother passed, and both myself and my son inherited money. That money afforded me the chance to hire a top attorney that is now representing me in a lawsuit against my former employer for wrongful termination and violations on the fair wage act. They are currently withholding around 97k in back commissions.

Carla has been instrumental in walking me through my lawsuit. Two days ago, she said I would be successful in the case, and that there would be two cases. Last night my attorney told me they decided to pursue two cases! I just spoke to Carla again, and she has predicted it will be in full gear in one month. Again, my attorneys are filing one case in two weeks, and a second one the following week. She predicts that it won’t drag on, and I will open the door to more class action lawsuits in my field, as what my employer did is done to many people. Look out for my follow up as things progress!

Holly Springs, NC

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