Carla gave me the best advice on ways to help my child who has autism in the school setting and so much more!

I had a reading today with the magnificent Carla!

Although I chose a short reading, it was full of insight as to what to expect shortly.

With no information in front of her other than my month/day of birth and my first name, she was able to give me great direction on a difficult crossroad I currently have before me.

She described current situations and people accurately and gave me advice on what to expect on the outcome of this issue I have in the near future. She gave me advice on the best way to help my child with a learning issue in the school setting. And she told me what my children would gravitate towards in their careers. To my surprise, she described their inclinations at this time very accurately.

Carla made me feel very comfortable and it was easy to speak with her… like a good girlfriend!

I had a reading from her several years ago and found my notes that I made during that reading. She was right on the dot. I decided to make an appointment with her again at that moment.

Thank you, Carla, for your kindness and clarity. For being matter-of-fact and not holding anything back, but being straightforward and honest. Sometimes it’s what we need to be nudged in the right direction.

You are a gift! Thank you for your help. I will be back!

Erie, PA

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