New Year, New Start

I contacted Carla after having been away for a couple years. I’ve been worried about my Dad as he’s older and frail now.

She said she sees him falling down, hitting his head severely and going to the hospital. After hearing this, I prayed to Jesus, my guides and angels to help me prevent this.

Well, the other day, I got to his house later than normal and went upstairs to check on him. He needed help to get from the restroom to his bed and while I was helping him, his legs gave out. Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the bed and I was able to guide him to the floor. He still went to the hospital, but only for observation and not the severity of what it could have been had I not been right there. I felt so relieved and grateful for Carla’s vision as I feel it helped me to ask my guides for protection and they did.

In fact, several things Carla said a couple years ago have come to pass, as well. She had said the relationship I had back then would fall away, but it wouldn’t be painful. And that’s what happened. It was still a bit painful, but not like a big breakup. Plus she said he’d come back and I wouldn’t be interested. This happened too.

She said my workplace would squeeze me out and I should get a different job. Well, this happened too. But because I am close to retirement, I was able to arrange a work-from-home situation and this is working well for me for now.

I really value Carla’s insight and like to call to help me navigate my life better – as a tool to see potential roadblocks and minimize them and to see new directions that may be better for me.

Will be calling again soon!

Denver, Colorado

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