I don’t even know her, yet Carla knew specifics about my situation that nobody knows. She just knew things – things about someone close to me.

I had my first ever reading tonight. On a whim, I just decided to go for it and see what kind of clarity I could gain. Luck was with me, or the universe was really just tired of my constant questioning of what I should do… either way, 15 minutes later Carla was ready to do her thing. Me – well, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. She calmed me down and helped me focus. I had a great experience and I’ll do it again.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been in a ball of confusion within my career. Somehow I found myself on an entirely different path and was really confused for most of my 30’s. This year has really been tougher than most and I found myself wishing I had a crystal ball. I’m pretty skeptical, but desperation for clarity won out tonight. Carla helped me a lot. My love life and career sort of seemed to intersect over the past few years and I was kind of beginning to think I was crazy or imaging things. I was questioning whether or not I was where I was supposed to be. It really made my life chaotic. After my reading, I feel lighter and more open. I’m not questioning everything, and I’m a little bit more hopeful about where life is taking me.

Full disclosure – I tried my best not to give Carla any help in our conversation. My skepticism made me try to withhold. She hit it all and I could do nothing but nervous laugh. I don’t even know her, yet she knew specifics about my situation that nobody knows. She just knew things – things about someone close to me. She picked up on things like marital status, work projects, travel, and I’m just amazed. I’m definitely a believer – I literally should’ve bought the 30 minutes because it was spot on.

Overall my experience was great and very much needed. It allowed me to stop thinking about what if’s, feeling guilty, and really just helped me to relax. I think life is going to improve. I think this is going to be so good for me as I move forward.

Thanks so much, Carla. I feel so much better about life and work.

Jefferson SC

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