Something was coming up for Carla about my misdiagnoses and lack of the correct medical treatment – she was correct again. I was given the wrong medication. How she knew any of this is a mystery to me!


My name is Jessica from North Florida. My reason for calling wasn’t clear in the beginning and Carla recognized that right away. She was able to quickly detect a better question that I was having inside my heart. Instead of the call being about a specific person, we started to discuss the issues I was having that was contributing to my inability to keep the attention of dating men in general. Carla recognized how I’ve been experiencing unusual levels of depression and sadness that’s causing alienating people by sharing my depressed feelings most of the time. I admitted that I felt like my emotions have been on a rollercoaster.

Carla wanted to dig deeper to find the cause of my depression. First, we looked at my purpose in life, which she identified immediately to be something creative in art and design. She was right! I’ve been a graphic designer for most of my adult life. I had been getting into marketing, which wasn’t creative and more business-related, and I believe this decision to leave a creative career and my passion for fine arts has been a root cause of my depression. Instinctively Carla seemed to know there was more to the story.

Something was coming up for her about my misdiagnoses and lack of the correct medical treatment, which she was correct again. I was given the wrong medication and still lost in which direction to look. I had been also not eating the right foods and Carla was able to give me details about how I was drinking large amounts of water with food while eating, this was causing digestion issues and how I need to intake less process sugar to help level out my hormones. I have a follow-up appointment with my gynecologist to see if I might have early onset menopause since hormone issues were coming up for Carla. How did she know any of this is a mystery to me!?

If it weren’t for Carla’s quick, yet mysterious, detective work…

I immediately started taking supplements for hormone balance and feel better already. I also have been getting back to being more creative and have plans to take up some art therapy classes soon, along with an improved eating and exercise plan. All of this was impressively accomplished in 15 minutes.

Thank you, Carla. You have an amazing gift.


Jacksonville, FL

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