I wanted to share what the Mantra had done for me. Carla being Carla, she called me out for not believing her, and she was right. I could never have predicted how things would be changed in just that short of a period of time.

This is only a mini testimonial for Carla, the big one will come soon.. I’ve been receiving readings from Carla for about 4 months, a lot of the information she was delivering to me had to do with things in the future, so I wasn’t going to be able to write up a testimonial for a bit.. but now I have confirmation on a couple of things, so I wanted to share a mini testimonial..

Progressively over the past couple of years at work, I’ve been more and more miserable, just feeling like I’ve been wasting my time and that I was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. I made passive attempts to leave where I work, but nothing serious, because I felt that my lack of education would close more doors than my experience and people skills opened.. I was listening to an old “Dead Famous” episode on YouTube at work one day (listening – not watching), and I loved the episodes Carla was in. I really liked that she said it how it was, no padding or fluff, just knowledge from the Universe as it was presented to her. After listening to the Jim Morrison episode for the 3rd or 4th time, I had this feeling that I just had to get in touch with her. I looked online, and figured she’d be $1000 for a reading, let alone a year long waitlist – and low and behold, she was affordable and could read me that night!! I felt like maybe my luck was finally changing..

Along with other things I’m keeping my eye on the horizon for, she said that I was almost ready to leave where I was working at, but that I had painted myself so firmly in the corner that I had to work on that and then visualize the future that I wanted. I had so much negativity in my life from so many directions and never realized that the speed bump to the end of my misery was me. Talk about an a-ha! Moment. She said that if I repeated a certain phrase and made it my Mantra, that the negativity would start to clear and allow good things to come in that I had closed myself off from. And she also said that if I was vigilant with the visualization that a new career opportunity would present earliest in February of 2020. I was very skeptical, but on board for the most part, so I began Mantra-ing..

I started with the Mantra.

Within a few days, a Re-Fi offer at an amazing interest rate dropped into my lap. Within a couple of weeks, my Husband passed the Exam for Sergeant that he had been trying to pass for 6 years!! I have no doubt that those things were due to the Mantra. I feel so much more positive and lighter than I have felt in years – I am overweight, so it’s not a physical lightness, but a spiritual lightness. The best way to put it would be like I’m tanning on the beach, but the source of my sunlight is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the Mantra had worked so well, I started with the visualization exercises. I’m not great at visualization, so I also made up a supporting mantra for what I felt I was missing out on with the visualization exercises. I also made a list of the things that I wanted from my prospective employer, from benefits, to work/ life balance.

So now onto the visualization… A month or so after I first called Carla, I scheduled a short reading just for a check-in. I wanted to share what the Mantra had done for me, but also, I wanted to see if there was any new information from the Universe for me. Carla being Carla, she called me out for not believing her, and she was right. I could never have predicted how things would be changed in just that short of a period of time.

Much to my surprise, things had worked better than I thought, and my new opportunity had sped up from early 2020 to October of 2019, which was just 6 weeks away! Talk about putting a firebrand to my toosh! I had hope! For the first time in years, I had hope that I could finally escape what had become my prison of 15 years. With this news, I kept up with my Mantra and I kept up with the visualizations… Just making it one day to the next, closer and closer to October.

In September, I started applying for jobs that I knew I had the qualifications and skills to do, not hearing anything, but putting my resume out there. I know now I should have called and followed up, hind sight, right? I put 2 applications into the company a family member works at, hoping I would at least get an interview. It’s been a few weeks, and since October 1 was finally here, I scheduled a reading with Carla for an update.

She told me that I had to be more pro-active, stop sitting back and hoping someone would notice my resume or act on my behalf. She broke the news that they were not going to consider me for the first application I put in in early September, but that I had a good chance with the 2nd application I put in in late September. She said that they had already hired for the position, they hired a male, but that it wasn’t working out, and I would have a chance around October 10. I needed to go outside my comfort zone, go there in person, visit my family member, and introduce myself. Be my best self, so to speak, and make it known that I would really like to be part of their team. So last night (Tuesday) I texted my family member, and I’m going to be crashing the last part of her work day after I’m off work Friday…

Low and behold, I get a text today from her that she found out that the position (late September application) had been hired out already and they were considering other internal candidates for the other position I applied for (early Sept.)

Carla called it.

So now a huge thank you to Carla for calling it – they did hire out. I don’t know if it’s a male or female, so now starts the waiting game on my end for Friday and for the 10th. Wish me luck!

Vacaville, CA

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