My new love and I have turned a corner and if it hadn’t been for Carla – I would not be the happy girl I am today.


I have been working with Carla, most recently, since June of this year. I just started dating and wanted to know about this man that I was really interested in. This was a big step for me, the dating world, and I wanted to navigate it to my fullest potential. I cannot say enough about how Carla has walked me through this for the last five months. It has been an amazing journey, one where I have learned so much about myself, and where I have been guided by her and my guides to do exactly what I needed to do to bring this relationship into the amazing place it is today. And to start this new phase of my life with confidence, and letting go of what was in my way… she saw it all. It’s like a psychic therapist! She is TRULY GIFTED!

I was having negative thoughts and patterns that finally shifted to positive. I was even doubting each step of my journey until Carla made me stop, and this made a complete difference in how it all manifested! I’m very grateful.

It wasn’t always easy… and she “thumped me on the head” (figuratively) at times, so I’d “get it.” (She really cares that much.)

Carla even saw that by Halloween, this relationship would be cemented, and there would be true love between us. It would all be changed by Halloween and guess what…

This past weekend at a Halloween party it all came to pass! My new love and I have turned a corner and if it hadn’t been for Carla, her guidance, her seeing, her directness, and specific details – I would not be the happy girl I am today.

Sarasota, FL

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