Carla (with no other info than name and birth date) zeroed in on so many details with me and my family members – it was scary!

So, I have been extremely worried about an upcoming spinal surgery my mom is scheduled to have this May. As soon as I started talking about it, Carla picked up on the fact that my brother is very concerned too. The surgeon acts like everything is routine and it should be fine. Carla immediately saw that my mom has had a history of brain tumors (which I didn’t mention) and she feels that her spinal pain and problems could be related to that. Carla did not sugarcoat this for me and showed extreme concern for my mom’s health. I’ll be trying my hardest to get her in for more blood tests and a brain MRI as soon as possible.

I worry about my husband’s health too, and Carla zeroed in on his past prostate issues, even when I was careful to say nothing about it. She gave lots of good advice about supplements, but most importantly reassured me that she sees no reoccurrence of cancer, and no complications or concerns for him contracting COVID-19. She also saw that we are soulmates through good times and bad, which I knew, but it was wonderful to get real confirmation.

Carla (again with no other info than name and birth date) saw that my daughter is conflicted about her major and future career issues. She gave good advice that you can make a living with your day job, but find your joy and passion with side gigs and hobbies, possibly something online with natural products. Good news about her possibly getting engaged in 2024!

For me personally, Carla said that I would generally be in good health in the future, which surprised me but is good news. Again she gave lots of helpful advice about supplements and skin care. I lost my job due to the virus, but she said she sees a promising career change for me from education to customer support (and I do have customer service experience but again, said nothing about it.)

I’m so glad I extended my time, I got a lot of valuable information! I will definitely sleep better knowing my husband is going to be around for a while. Just a very accurate, surprising reading which all makes sense the more I think about it and really resonated with me. When you have your reading, get ready to take lots of notes!

Thanks again for everything!

Columbus, OH

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