I was really concerned about my husband’s heath and safety (COVID-19) because he has to drive from WA to CA for a funeral.

I emailed Carla in a panic and she made time for me right away.

I was really concerned about my husband’s health and safety because he has to drive from WA to CA for a funeral. I asked Carla if he should be worried about Coronavirus due to being in a large group of people. Carla saw right away it was a male that had passed and that he had lung cancer, neither of which I had mentioned. She told me that there was no “getting out” of going to this funeral and she is 1000 percent correct, not going is NOT an option.

She knew that my husband was angry about the death in general and that it has really affected him. She told me that there was an issue with the people preparing the food and for my husband to be cautious. And that when he is eating in a group to not eat face-to-face but side-by-side. She mentioned that there was a younger male that would be attending and saw that he was sick. That he would claim he has allergies or asthma and for my husband to “avoid him like the plague,” pun intended.

She said provided that he is very careful with these things that he will be ok. She mentioned that I may have had a short bout with Covid myself and may have antibodies.
(I did get sick in early April with sore throat, headache, fatigue and minor fever. )

As always Carla comes through for me. She calmed me down and by the time I hung up I was feeling 100 times better. If you have ever wanted a reading with Carla but haven’t done so, I promise you, she is the real deal. Always has been.

Thanks again!

Ravensdale, WA

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