I have to say Carla nailed my past lives. She is good! Accurate both times – 3 years ago and then November 25th of this year!

I am in no way a full-blown psychic, but I am fairly sensitive. Always have been, my gut feelings tend to be right and have saved my life on more than one occasion, as if someone is whispering what to do in that moment, or what is happening event-wise in what I am thinking about.

And while we will see if predictions of “this” life will come true, I have to say Carla nailed my past lives. I’ve had dreams since I was a child about “people busting in to my house,” “me screaming,” and “my throat being slit,” “silencing my voice” (sorry if this is graphic, but she nailed this.)

Then a “sword being driven through my chest on the left side of my heart.”

I carry that last wound through every life in some form of my body as a reminder of the things I wanted to change, but was unable to because of the actions of someone close to me that cost me my life and dreams that time. It is a giant birthmark on my left peck this life.

I was skeptical Carla would not be able to touch my first go around because of the distance of time. But I have tested her twice… once – 3 years ago and then – November 25th of this year.

She is good! Accurate both times, and honestly really cool, like I would sit and have a beer with her because she is just good conversation.

*(I will update about this life’s predictions as they come or go.)

Chattanooga, TN

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