Election 2016: The Day After

Well, there it is. America has chosen REVOLUTION once again. History is repeating itself, but how much will be sacrificed for this decision born of waiting too long – procrastinating as a collective consciousness? Why do we always have to wait until we are upon apocalyptic precipice to do anything about it? It appears toContinue reading “Election 2016: The Day After”

Souls + Reincarnation Following 9/11

#NeverForget #September11th Tuning in psychically to the mass exodus of souls from this earth dimension on that fateful day .. My strong impressions are that most of these souls have reincarnated at this time. The souls were meant to leave quickly, and return quickly, as this was a group soul agreement to rectify a fewContinue reading “Souls + Reincarnation Following 9/11”