Election 2016: The Day After

Well, there it is.

America has chosen REVOLUTION once again. History is repeating itself, but how much will be sacrificed for this decision born of waiting too long – procrastinating as a collective consciousness?

Why do we always have to wait until we are upon apocalyptic precipice to do anything about it? It appears to be the only way human souls – save an exceptional few who are visionaries – complete their necessary life lessons & soul progression.

white_house_unknownI know many prominent psychics & mediums had visions of Hillary Clinton prevailing in this marked historical event. A few known psychic celebs have literally gone into hiding today. I am not one of them. I will ALWAYS find the wisdom within during these life-altering moments on our perceived timeline.

I embrace my role as spiritual teacher, but equally so as ever-evolving student.

We had not figured on the element of “free will” taking such a vigilante-like hold upon the young souls alive at present in the United States. Intuitively, I knew when Hillary Clinton lost the state of Pennsylvania in electoral votes – the proverbial karmic ‘ax’ had fallen.

I cannot help but reflect upon the year 1776. bells

The vision I saw shone true during the course, yes.

However – we must not negate the element of FREE WILL. This is a gift we have been given as incarnate souls. It can alter our path, our life lessons in a way that may bring revolution, critical change, strife, war, and eventual growth. A longtime STAGNATION of putting aside life lessons is most likely the catalyst here. It is also the reason visions & psychic ‘peer-ings’ are sometimes subject to modification. Most souls do their agreements as they have arranged prior to entering any particular lifetime. But the “free will” factor is not to be lightly dismissed.

My hope is that this event will bring a mass reduction in anger, hate, bullying, distrust, bitterness, laziness, & self-aggrandizement.  I am pointing towards a TRUE strength, real growth, love, tolerance, confidence, inspiration, understanding, balance, peace, & progression.

Let us RETAIN what we have learned & prosper accordingly. Reverting back to our previous state is NOT an option.

As a prominent psychic, I will now go forward with this very key message in mind. It is my role this lifetime to keep growing, learning, integrating alongside our expanding Universal Consciousness.

Thank you for being here with me as we traverse this karmic landscape together.

˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。

~ Psychic Medium Carla Baron

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