Nightmare on V-Day

I stopped dead in my tracks one day last week… It was like I couldn’t breathe for what seemed about 10 minutes. An episode of “Vanished with Beth Holloway” was playing back on my DVR – a harrowing story of a kidnapping that a woman and her sister endured as children. How did I suppressContinue reading “Nightmare on V-Day”

The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron

Hundreds upon hundreds of requests from all over the world have sailed in, seeking my unique skills as a psychic profiler on crime scenes & missing persons investigations. Many of these have derived from my work on truTV’s “Haunting Evidence” and“Psychic Detectives.” (Production first commenced when the network was operating under the Court TV brand.)Continue reading “The Case for Protocol & Procedure – Psychic Profiler, Carla Baron”

I ain’t afraid of no ghost! .. (Or maybe I am.)

It was a shockingly cold winter’s night when my plane landed in Philadelphia to shoot an episode of MTV’s FEAR at the Eastern State Penitentiary. Having signed my virtual life away with MTV’s well-known standard legal non-disclosure documents, I was sworn to not reveal my location to anyone – family members, friends, NO ONE. ThereContinue reading “I ain’t afraid of no ghost! .. (Or maybe I am.)”

Psychic Profiling On Crime Vs. The “Regular” Read

When peering in psychically on a homicide, abduction, or missing person’s case, the method of intuit is virtually the same as with any other type of psychic read or use of my mediumistic abilities – albeit the intensity within the psychic moment or event is dialed up to extraordinary levels, even for me. As IContinue reading “Psychic Profiling On Crime Vs. The “Regular” Read”

Lizzie Borden took an axe, Gave her mother 40 whacks .. ♪ ♫

HBO and Tom Hanks’ Playtone productions are undertaking a new 4-hour mini-series retelling of the infamous legend of “Lizzie Borden” starring Chloë Sevigny. (In order to prepare for the role, Sevigny’s reportedly been staying at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast.) Of course, I had viewed the original tv movie starring a haunting Elizabeth MontgomeryContinue reading “Lizzie Borden took an axe, Gave her mother 40 whacks .. ♪ ♫”