Carla got so many things right in the psychic read… my grandmother’s health, my car, & me!!


I had a reading tonight with Carla. I asked about finding a new job.
She said she sensed “south about an hour from my location” and she saw
“large aluminum buildings” & “planes” can be found there.

She described my insecurities & self-doubt I often feel in myself, and suggested ways to deal with this so I “get out of my own way” and am able to find the job.

I asked her about my grandmother’s health, & she described EXACTLY what is happening with her, how she has been feeling.

I asked about my car – if I should repair it, or buy another. Carla said there have been many repairs already, and the repairs needed now are very costly – THIS IS CORRECT.

I asked Carla about my mother – she said she saw a “move down south (maybe Florida) after a visit & meeting someone.”

The weird thing is my sister plans on moving there in the near future!

Carla was able to describe to me things about myself like making daily “to-do” lists, checking things two, three times …even though I know I already checked them – all from a reading over the phone!! Things that people close to me really don’t even know!

Thanks Carla… hope to update soon about my new job.

Thanks again,

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