Okay I admit I can be skeptical, but Carla did have information in the first session NO ONE could possibly know!


My last reading with Carla was February 19th of this year as shown in my prior testimonial. I kept tabs on what she told me making sure to compare the information
to the unfolding events to come. Okay I admit I can be skeptical but she did have information in the first session NO ONE could possibly know. I was in a stuck place
again so a reading was needed for me to clarify the feelings I was having
and here is how it went.

When Carla initially gave me the months I was supposed to come into contact with my future husband I was so excited. So far the first month April was right on and now I am looking forward to the November date. She described this man with such detail not only with his looks but personality and his personal life. YES she was right on and there was no way any other man I knew would fit that description.

When this incredible man came forward at first I didn’t think this could possibly be him after all I have known him for over ten years (I thought he was a snob since he never talked to me). She said he was shy and was very attracted to me but it would take a while for this to evolve. She was right again and he admitted liking me years ago but he never let me know how he felt and he indicated he was very shy. There is so much more to this story but keeping it under wraps for now but know this..

Carla is amazing with the information she has provided thus far.

Carla mentioned that I would be fulfilling my goals at work, and it would be a sudden request without notice yet very casual. I was told for over 8 months I would not be allowed to train a new person at work and the week before they started, I was asked in person very casually without notice while every other trainer knew for months and received emails to that fact. She told me what to watch out for with my new work endeavors and how to make the best of my abilities to make me shine. I thank Carla for that every day.

I am looking forward to all the new information I have received and curious to see how it all unfolds. I also need to mention that she had no recollection of the past reading, yet she made mention again of this same man being my future husband and the November date. She expanded on the information she gave the first time since I was now able to identify this person. This gave me the clarity I needed and helped me to continue to be patient since she explained the reasons behind his slow movement.

Thank You again, Carla, and I look forward to the next reading and validations I can bring forward.


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