Carla’s precision and accuracy is truly an amazing gift … she is definitely the best of the best!


Aloha Carla here is my testimonial : )

Every time I speak with Carla I end the session with much more clarity and insight about myself and circumstances so I can lead my ship the best possible direction. I feel so grateful towards her for being the kind, supportive person she is in delivering the truth. The good news is always easy to hear however it can be difficult to hear the not so good parts and when she delivers this she is very receptive and coming from such a place of purpose the news eases into clarity and strength and how to act on it now.

In my previous sessions with Carla, she has always mentioned me having on the job training and traveling to a tropical location. At the time I didn’t know what she meant by this or how I would get there as being a student and nothing in my current life even resembling these opportunities. Well recently, I was aligned with a company in which I’m building my own business with, and this is where huge opportunities lay to travel and open up other countries. I am astounded by the accuracy in which she foresaw this alignment.

Also, what this job is hugely based on, on the job training; another aspect she really emphasized. One other detail in which she hit head on is saying “the founders are really good people”. After just meeting them a couple weeks ago I have to say this is unbelievably accurate, they are some of the most genuine people I have met and is one of the reasons I love and want to stay in this company for the long haul!

If you are reading this and thinking about whether or not to book a session with her, I would recommend to stop thinking and just do it! Her precision and accuracy is truly an amazing gift and she is definitely the best of the best! I have nothing but a grateful heart towards her and all that she is doing!

Love, Stephanie

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