“What I’d like to say is that you offer an amazing gift. A gift that is unique and spot on.”


Aloha Carla,

What I’d like to say is that you offer an amazing gift. A gift that is unique and spot on. While we were sharing the dialog was incredibly comfortable as though I was speaking to my best friend. Your ability to provide me with a sense of direction and focus. The amazing accuracy with which you shared what you saw.

My first reading with Carla was just over two years ago at that time she saw for me working with herbs or greens or food as nutrition and here I am 2 1/2 years later working with a brand new company which distributes a whole raw food. Each reading plays like a series of photographs as if I was watching a TV show. This TV show was the story of my life. Although at the time I didn’t see how it might happen – Carla’s prediction was accurate and insightful and today manifested.

Your reference to a wellness center that I would develop and create in the future was a continuation of a reading that you gave me previously. In that previous reading, you saw me growing herbs and creating essential oils. The remarkable detail in which you were able to share provided me with a near perfect business plan. It gave me a vision not only for the next year but for years to come. It allowed me to see what I felt but couldn’t bring into focus.

The ease and the sensitivity with which you were able to share information about my health challenge was truly amazing.

The REMARKABLE accuracy without knowing any of my history – only that I was concerned – is a gift that the world is privileged to receive.

I am privileged to receive.

As we spoke about my son you provided insights that I knew but didn’t necessarily trust.

And when my intuition told me that something was not just right in a certain area of my life not only did you provide me with information – it affirmed what I knew in my heart and it was delivered with humor, sincerity and sensitivity.

To summarize:

Carla you are amazing! You truly have a gift a gift that I have been blessed to receive that allows me to continue believing and planning and creating loving and building a future for me and my family. And now I can do this with more clarity more focus and a direction that was previously not available to me.

Carla my heart is full of gratitude. I really don’t know how to write a testimony – all I can say is that you are a gift, and I am blessed and I am so grateful that you’re willing to share your gift with the world and with me.

Kona, Hawaii

Abundant blessings, live INspired

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