You told me that my biological father had a mental illness and that his death was probably due to drinking. I did not even tell you that information!



I just want to say thank you so much for my session today. Today has been a life-changing experience for me. I never knew that I would want to know things about my future or past, but you have relieved my soul of so many things.

I did not know if I should stay with my current boyfriend and I was so sure that you would tell me he was a horrible person and that I should not be with him. The problem was me and I just needed to relax and let things happen. I did not tell certain information and you just brought it up without asking me questions! I never would have known about my personal issues if I did not talk to you.

My biological father passed away before I could ever personally know him. On his death certificate it said it was a “suicide.” I found out during the reading with you that he was so unhappy with his life, he asked a close friend of his to end his life. You told me that he had a mental illness and that it was probably due to drinking and I did not even tell you that information! I was in so much pain not knowing what really happened to him and you really helped me feel free.

My brother just joined the military, and I was really afraid for his life. I asked you if my brother would be safe in his new career and you automatically knew that he had a job in the military. You told me he would move quickly to higher ranks and that he would not die from this profession. You did tell me that there would be distance from my brother and my father and that blew my mind because my father was just crying 3 days ago about my brother and his relationship!

I also wanted to know about my career, and you answered all my questions about this. You truly help me put my mind and soul at ease about the unknown. I will definitely be keeping in touch with you on a regular basis because my session helped me so much.

Thank you so much Carla for truly helping me!


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