Thank you for giving me the elixir to my love life! The answer was so easy and immediate! Why, oh why, did I wait so long to contact you??


Dear Carla,

Thank you for giving me the elixir to my love life! The answer was so easy and immediate! Why, oh why, did I wait so long to contact you??

You answered all my questions with patience, thoughtfulness, and loving kindness. You helped me see things about myself that I couldn’t see, and gave me specific instructions and recommendations on what to fix. Some things were surprising to me, but everything you said makes perfect sense. You speak the truth, and the details were so specific – You were spot on!

You knew I was using the tarot cards “by the book” instead of looking at the cards and discovering what they mean to me personally. I was pulling too many cards and “arguing” my way through each reading. I will now light a candle, meditate, and pull one card and ask “What do I need to learn today?”

You told me there would be a tremendous internal benefit – “change my hair color,” you said. Something with more “golden tones” … “He will like that a lot.” How could you know that, Carla? He LOVES golden blonde hair, and we even talked about that recently!

My lover was falling into a slump of feeling depressed, dragging, and old. You said I should keep warm, golden tones in my hair at all times. You even recommended Watercolors by Tressa, and that the Golden Mist Color will really turn things around for me. (Because, Girl, when you have beautiful hair, nothing else matters!)

You were able to see that we had an “agreement” for marriage in this lifetime. The answer was amazing, and I can’t thank you enough.

You also said I have “bad tapes” looping repeatedly through my head. I should switch to manifesting and visualizing work with candles -scented ones, breathe deeply, and concentrate on a wish or desire. This will help with my self-image and self-worth.
And it’s okay to keep life a mystery!

You said, “Do not waste this time apart”. Thank you for that.

I now have the road map to live a luscious, fulfilled, passionate life. You are amazing.
I will be contacting you again. THANK YOU.

Lisa Knutson-Province
Denver, Colorado

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