A past life in ancient Egypt is just one lifetime Carla had picked up on in this reading. The karmic thread between these 2 souls is so very telling within their relationship dynamic today ~


I have been a little slow getting this testimonial to you, Carla, because I, quite frankly, have been at a loss for adequate words to describe my phenomenal reading. I believe after taking 24 hours to ponder the incredible information you gave me, I can now stand, once again, in testament to your amazing talent.

From only my birth date and the birth date of my best friend… when I asked if maybe there was a reason in a previous life that we are so bound together in this life, Carla began to describe three lifetimes that we spent together – the first being as far back as the time of early Egypt. What Carla described as our relationship then and over three lifetimes, EXACTLY described roles we first seemed to fall into again in this life. But as Carla said our purpose in this life is to break the karmic mistakes from thousands of years, I shared with her that we actually broke our friendship for a period of years because it was too stressful carrying the roles we had assumed in our friendship before. Spot on, Carla!!! Since endeavoring to be friends again, we have made great strides towards treating each other differently, and now believe we will enjoy our friendship for many years.

Please appreciate the details that Carla gave me about these different life settings that she saw my best friend and I in (and with no more than our dates of birth.) A perfect example, Carla described a place of “opulence” where my friend lived two lifetimes ago. When she asked if that made sense, I told her that my friend’s ancestral lineage makes her a Russian Countess. Her heritage has always been of affluence, as well as in this lifetime. How in the world, if not through a God-given, sharply-honed gift, could Carla have known something with such intricate detail?

Everything Carla described in my previous lives, described to a tee the relationship I had with my friend before we decided to ‘start over’ three years ago. Everything made so much sense!!

If you are reading this as a skeptic, I hope it helps change your mind about Carla’s amazing abilities. If you are reading this as someone who has experienced her amazing abilities and have marveled at the wonderful impact of truth her vision has had regarding questions you had in your life, I hope you smile. But most importantly, if you are reading this wondering if it will be worth the money, ask yourself what price can you place on the peace of mind that will be given to you in God’s white light. Send that email now and enjoy the gift of this phenomenal lady’s visions for you.

Once again, prayers for you and your continued endeavors to benefit the world with your gifts, Carla. Thank you, until we speak again.

Reynoldsburg, OH

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