“Haunting Evidence” Psychic Profiler Carla Baron Accurately Predicts Discovery Of Body Inside Car Pulled From Pond


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October 21 at 6:14pm

This matches my psychic read on what happened to Tony Luzio while filming an episode for “Haunting Evidence.” (Season 2, Ep 13)

Thanks to Lori Johnson for alerting me on this discovery. ♡


October 21 at 6:16pm

“Oh my gosh, Carla!! You are so AMAZING!!! Do you remember the Luzio case?

You said that he would be found in his car in a body of water. Breaking news on 10tv here in Columbus just said that the county sheriff’s office just located his car in a body of water. They said they are waiting to find out if he is in the car.


Will let you know anything else I hear. Just wanted you to know this as soon as I just heard it.

Hugs to you, Carla!!!!” – Lori Johnson


October 21 at 6:53pm

“I actually remember that episode…well done Carla. My heart goes out to his family and hope this discovery will bring them some closure and peace.” – Nichole Harder-Green

October 22 at 4:35pm

“I remember the episode of Haunting Evidence about the Luzio case, and Carla specifically said that he would be found in his car, still in his seat, in a body of water. Does anyone else remember anything else she predicted about this? Not that that isn’t enough! LOL” – Lori Lilly Johnson

October 23 at 4:42pm

“Yes I remember that episode. The family can at least have closure. Carla – you were awesome to watch on those episodes. Truly gifted… I remember you saying he was in his car and will be found with water surrounding him. How right you were.” – Wendy Anne Hook


Luzio 1

Luzio 2

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