Past Lives Help Explain Her Fear Of Abandonment In This Lifetime


I’ve had some short readings from Carla before, so I know what she says is spot on. I’ve had several confirmations, for example, one time she said this guy I was seeing is more about quality than quantity… and a couple weeks later – he told me that exact phrase. This has happened on several things she has said.

This time, I had a 30-min. reading from Carla, which really put some pieces of my puzzle together. In a prior reading, Carla mentioned I have a strong fear of abandonment which made sense to me. So for the last half of my reading, I asked about my fear of abandonment and what it stemmed from. I have a tendency to ‘people please’ and have extreme fear of saying what I want to say. It’s so extreme that I sometimes feel like I’m breaking in half, or that I’ll be left and can’t handle it if I say what I feel or don’t do what others want. It’s hard to explain. Carla said it’s related to some past lives.

Carla went back and saw two past lives:

She first saw me as an Inuit Woman (Eskimo) who was cast out of the tribe because I didn’t follow the tribal view. Carla mentioned 1890’s several times. She saw that my child was sick with a crippling disease and I felt Western medicine may have the key. At first she wasn’t sure what disease, but then mentioned polio (which is what popped into my mind, too.) I thought polio was more like in the 1930’s-50’s (I was thinking of FDR.) She saw that when I was ‘cast out.’ She said that I trekked ‘south,’ and she felt it was ‘Canada – not Alaska.’

The second life was WWI era and I was orphaned because my parents were killed by occupation forces near the Ukraine. Carla remarked how I always seemed to pick ‘extremely cold regions’ to live out my various lifetimes. She saw that my home was taken over by the occupation and that when I spoke up or disagreed, I was ‘severely beaten.’ No wonder I over “people-please” and have an extremely hard time saying or doing what I want. This makes total sense to me because in earlier lives, if I challenged others or spoke up, I was outcast or beaten.

I feel a sense of relief that there’s really a reason why – and reasons that make sense. Plus this helps me to move forward in this life as I’m more aware now, and realize my life doesn’t depend on merely pleasing people anymore – that it’s ok to say what I want, and to care less what others think. Honestly, this reading has done more for me on this topic than the counseling sessions I took a while ago.

Carla went way past our allotted time, and we looked up the information online as she was personally curious now about polio and the Inuits (and I was, too.) It was very fascinating that the internet search pulled up information that indicated early polio outbreaks were seen in North America in the 1890’s! It ACTUALLY said 1890’s, which is EXACTLY what Carla kept saying.

Also, there was a trading post in Chesterfield Inlet in Nunavut. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the Canadian arctic, founded in 1911. There was mention that some Inuits contracted polio and trekked south to Winnipeg for treatment there. That’s exactly what Carla saw! It’s so interesting and satisfying to get the factual confirmation on this. Truly amazing.

Funny thing is – about 20 yrs. ago, I visited my sister in Alaska, and found this beautiful doll of an Alaskan girl in her winter parka. I just HAD to have that doll! (Now I know why!)

Thanks, Carla!

Denver, Colorado

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