Psychic Carla Baron’s Timing Of Events Couldn’t Be Any More Accurate!


I had a reading with Carla November 2nd. In the last two weeks I have been feeling all sorts of emotions from irritable to frustrated and things just didn’t seem to go how I wanted them to. I couldn’t think straight and felt like everything was working against me or backwards. Carla mentioned that a lot of people were feeling this way due to the Mercury Retrograde and still feeling the effects a few days after. Well that explains it.

My strained relationship with my mother seemed to have gotten worse during this Mercury Retrograde. But Carla reassured me and told me how to handle the situation. She told me my mother is having digestion issues and has stones in her gall bladder. I was amazed she knew this because my mother has had gall bladder stones for many years now.

I told Carla I was thinking to move in a few months, but I needed reassurance about making this big change/move in my life. I told her what’s amazing is that I noticed from the past readings I had, she gave me 2 different moving dates. In one reading, Carla said I was looking to move in October near Halloween time. And in another reading this past summer she said she saw me move in February, 2015.

Well both dates now make total sense. An apartment I co-own, I gave my tenant his notice (October 24, a week before Halloween) that I will be taking over the apartment. That means I will have the apartment ready for me to move in February, 2015. She nailed both dates! Overall this move will be good for me.

Another interesting fact was Carla nailed the timing of hiring a “tapas chef” in my business. This was in a reading I had back in September. I was looking to hire someone within a month’s time. Carla said she saw someone starting with us around Thanksgiving, or Sagittarius time. I thought it has to be our Thanksgiving (Canada) because I can’t wait that long it being in November (US Thanksgiving). To my amazement – the person we decided to hire cannot start till mid to late November. He is waiting for his position to be filled at his current job, so he doesn’t leave them stuck or on bad terms.

When Carla gives timing/dates on things to come, they don’t always make sense at the time. But she always nails the timing right on or very close. That’s a True Gift !! She gave me some future dates on other things. I will keep you posted on those when they do happen.

Thank you, Carla, for your help and guidance!!


Toronto, Canada

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