Then two nights ago, I learned he is leaving the beginning of Dec. for a month – which will mean over Christmas and New Year’s. It was EXACTLY as Carla said!


I had a reading with Carla earlier today, after having one about a month ago. I have been involved in a complicated romantic situation. I sought Carla’s expert skills starting in June. She has guided me through this process and am happy to say, things are going very well. I have never been so happy. Girls. Whatever do you, do not CHASE a guy. DO NOT. Don’t be helpful, none of that. Matter of fact – treat him as if you would a guy you do NOT like! If he is interested he WILL come around and you will KNOW (feel) the change. You can avoid so much heartbreak and potentially losing him by just following that simple advice. It is HARD. But keep your eye on the prize – the man of your dreams. Distract yourself by seeing other guys…even as friends, taking up a hobby (other than him), spend time with friends, create emotional distance. I can’t stress this enough. Guys are the OPPOSITE of girls! They will see the contact as PRESSURE, NOT CARING. They will get TURNED OFF. Let them come to you. Don’t make yourself too available. Guys like to feel YOU are the prize and if you are always available, well, there isn’t much winning in THAT! Words to the wise and good luck!

Okay, so a month ago I had it sprung on me that this guy I have known now for close to a year (and to say things have been challenging would be an understatement) was not leaving for work for an undetermined period of time and doesn’t have cell contact. I needed consultations with Carla to determine what was in his head and what action I should take – would we make it? Oh, scary… but luckily there were a LOT of positive aspects to this pairing. Carla helped me navigate the choppy waters. I had my “fight or flight” instincts working overtime. She had to tell me to hang back, that that would bring him around. He was very highly tuned to even my most SUBTLE attempts. He also said some particularly mean and uncalled-for things to me when he announced he was leaving. I think so it would make it easier for him to be away. If he is MAD and makes ME mad, well, that would solve that. It solved it alright! His being a way (ended up being a week) made him want me more – just as Carla predicted. My response prior to speaking with Carla was to wish him a safe trip and that he would be missed. (I did not say “I will miss you.”) Carla also predicted he would be going away AGAIN for work (not just this one time), and be gone for the holidays.

True to what Carla said, almost two weeks ago he let me know that he was going away again (it was cancelled earlier) and then again in January! He was much more forthcoming with his plans than he had been prior. I guess he sensed it was “safe” to discuss these trips with me. Then two nights ago, I learned he is leaving the beginning of Dec. for a month – which will mean over Christmas and New Year’s. It was EXACTLY as Carla said! There is no way to have known this otherwise. These are the only trips he has taken in the nearly year I have known him.

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