Carla described this situation as “Pandora’s box opening.” Once opened can’t be closed. (I was wowed at this that Carla knew.)


First, I had a reading on Easter Sunday with Carla. I was so glad I did. I asked Carla about the relationship I have with my mother. Carla asked me if my mother had crossed over. I replied with a no – she is still with us. I wondered why Carla asked me this. Carla said to me that my mother was sitting around waiting for her time to die. This concerned me quite a lot as I knew Carla was right about this. Carla also told me this is what she would be doing on the other side, too, just waiting around for her next life.

Carla said that I need to stop waiting for my mother’s approval. Well – Carla was right there! I have always wanted my mother’s approval. I have never felt she was proud of me and I could never do anything right in her eyes. Then I told Carla my mother had been in hospital 2 years ago as her stomach had split, and after this, I thought my relationship had changed for the good after this had happened, but it didn’t last long. She went back to the same way she was before leaving me feeling like she didn’t care anymore.

Carla then looked into my mother’s health – she told me there are problems with her colon and that the previous problem is still not fixed. This will cause serious problems in the future and could lead to cancer, Carla said. But I can tell you all now – Carla is not wrong – for sure, the problems have already started! Carla was dead on with this one. I have been telling my mother to go to the doctor to get these problems sorted – she won’t. So Carla was right about this, too.

I also had another reading last night regarding closure on a relationship I had 2 years ago with a girlfriend. I asked Carla why it ended the way it did. Carla told me that my girlfriend never stayed in a relationship for long and that she always had a way of getting out of relationships by putting obstacles in place to stop a relationship with anyone she was with. (Carla didn’t know this until afterwards.) She read that I came into this relationship with my girlfriend so she could get rid of her husband. (Carla was so right on this too – I couldn’t believe it!) She also stated that my girlfriend still wasn’t sure if she was into men or women, and that she was still confused – also that my girlfriend used me as a “punching bag” because of her relationship problems that she had with her partner.

Carla also mentioned about my girlfriend having bipolar disorder. I was so pleased Carla mentioned this as I has a feelings about this throughout our relationship. But Carla didn’t know this. Carla told me that my girlfriend’s purpose in my life was to help me break free from the “prison and chains” I had been shackled to in my life. (She was not wrong there – my girlfriend did make my life better at times and helped my confidence and self-esteem.) Carla described this situation as “Pandora’s box opening.” Once opened can’t be closed. (I was wowed at this that Carla knew.)

The reading then moved on with future relationship – which was good to end on a positive. I’m so glad Carla does this. Carla told me I am to meet a woman about this time next year, and the one thing I will notice will be her eyes and that’s what will attract me to her. (Carla did not know this, but I like people with bright eyes, and this is the first thing I look for.) Carla also mentioned that I come with tons of emotional baggage and childhood issues, and this new love could help me with this. (I was in awe as Carla didn’t know anything about my childhood and what I have gone through.)

Cambridgeshire, UK

P.S. Thank you so much. I always feel so much better after having readings with you Carla you are truly amazing. Looking forward to seeking you in September (if not before) – I’m saving up for a long birthday reading!

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