In talking with Carla, she correctly identified so many elements pertaining to family members on both occasions… it’s kinda creepy.

This is the second reading that I have had from Carla over the period of a year.
Both times she identified that my son was angry with me (true), but that he knows my grandson is better off being a part of our lives and OUR home is the best fit for my grandson, and that my son’s partner had drugs in her system (though I haven’t been able to validate that yet). 

This reading though, Carla stated that the ex-partner was embezzling/stealing from men and that she’s guilty of fraud (which is a fact) and will be prosecuted for that.  Carla also said this person had been planning to leave my son anyway, (which is accurate) in that my son had just told me that for the past year their relationship was non-existent.  Carla said he feels embarrassed that he allowed someone like that into his life who ended up stealing his money.

In speaking about my husband, she accurately predicted that he is looking at a job change, and that he’s 6 months overdue for it.  He has been pursuing several lucrative positions for which he is being recruited, but has been cautious.  He never liked his current position (which Carla accurately predicted) and also said that it was affecting his heart in particular and was stressful from the beginning (both of which are true).  In fact, we were just in the ER a week and a half ago because he thought he was having a heart attack!  Again, she was right on the money.  However, she did encourage him to pursue these other opportunities full steam ahead because all she saw were “greenlights” and that the position had something to do with building and creating (he’s an engineer), and he would be starting up a new office.  She also identified that he had not been pursuing his passion (true).  She encouraged me to tell him that he needs to pursue these new opportunities as he “needs to do that for his soul.”

In talking with Carla, she correctly identified so many elements pertaining to family members on both occasions… it’s kinda creepy.  Though the timing (in terms of the year) may not have aligned with what I thought came through in the first reading, the time of year certainly has – especially with regard to my son, his ex-partner and my grandson.

Carla provided me with much needed validation in how to pursue things coming up and what the outcomes would be. I am looking forward to moving on each issue with an organized, calm and clear feeling. Thank you, Carla, I really needed this.

Interesting note on these readings –  this is the second time Carla said that my grandson and I are connected through a “past life”.

Also – please know that I did not tell Carla ANY of this information and she did not even recall the prior reading. I am amazed. 

Session notes Sept ’20
Session notes Sept ’21

Charlotte, NC

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