Carla is the truth!

Carla is the truth! I’ve spoken to her three times. 

The first time was in 2014 when she predicted a business I would create that I had no idea was coming. Over the next few years everything aligned perfectly for me to create this business. 

I also asked her about a guy I was seeing and she said I’d meet someone else. She was right. She also described where the date would take place and was spot on. 

The next reading was in February 2020 where before I said anything – she intuitively knew why I was calling. She started the conversation talking about noise she had experienced in the past from neighbors. She also brought up sensors for doors so I could track when someone opens a door in my home. 

The purpose of that call was a decision I had to make about moving. I wasn’t sleeping because of anxiety and noise from neighbors. I was going to move and trade places with a relative. She told me it didn’t matter if we swapped homes. She was right!! My anxiety around noise at night did not change and the next place I moved had the same issue, noisy neighbors. She said June would be a turning point. And June 2021 was a turning point for me, I moved somewhere I could sleep better without noise. 

In a recent October 2021 reading – Carla mentioned something about my daughter that was very spot on. My daughter and I had just discussed this on the phone the very night before my reading. And she was very right about my son being a creative.

Los Angeles, CA

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