Conceiving A Baby, Health, & Happiness

I was so impressed by my reading with Carla and shocked how she knew some of the issues going on in my life!

I first asked if me and my husband would have a baby. She told me the issue isn’t on my part – it is my husband’s problem having “no swimmers. ” This is absolutely correct because we went to a specialist and that is what they told us.

I asked if we would ever have a baby, and she said the conventional way no, however if we do IUI we will have a baby on the first try.

This gave me so much hope and something I can look into! 

I also asked about my health and she said I have stress inflammation in my joints, restlessness, edema (which runs in the family). I know about a month ago I had swelling in my leg and went to the ER for it and it turned out not to be anything. 

When we were talking about my health she told me she sees my husband having health issues. She said she saw something in his blood, bone marrow or bones. Possibly an issue with his bones and or soft tissue in cartridge but a knee replacement in the future.  My husband’s knee has been bothering him for a while now and his uncle and aunt both had knee replacements done so this is crazy that she saw that and I’m definitely going to have him get his knee checked out.

Lastly, she told me, my husband and I are best friends and I would of suffered greatly with depression if I didnt find him. I wholeheartedly believe this because we are best friends and I don’t know what I would do without him!

I was skeptical at first but so happy to have done a reading with Carla! 

Murphysboro, IL

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