I asked Carla about my relationship.. was shocked about how accurate she was. I gave her no clues, no way of knowing anything that she knew.


I had my first reading today with Carla. I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and friendly she is. I was very nervous before the reading, but she was so nice, it was like talking to a friend. Might I say, a friend who knows your deepest feelings. Carla was spot on when she spoke about my children. She got each of their personalities perfectly.

We also spoke about my work and she answered some of my questions. Now I know what I have to do, and that in the long run, I will be ok no matter what happens. I asked Carla about my relationship and I was shocked about how accurate she was. I gave her no clues, no way of knowing anything that she knew.

She told me about my brother who had passed away, and I now know that he is ok and that he does see what I am doing and feeling. I also know now that he is wanting me to enjoy my life, and to break out of my protective shell I have been living in for so very long. Carla told me one other thing today that will help me a lot. She told me how I died in a past life, and that part of that is the reason for some of my fears in this life. She told me that THIS IS NOT THAT LIFE!

Wow, is all I can say. I will never forget this reading, and I look forward to seeing how my life progresses from here. I will definitely come back to Carla for another reading. It was worth every penny. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. You are truly an angel.

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