I lost a family member tragically 6 years ago to a devastating situation… Carla pegged the man that he was, and described him very accurately.


Had my first reading with Carla – a reading I have waited a year to book. I lost a family member tragically 6 years ago to a devastating situation. I have not been able to get past feelings of loss and guilt, in hopes that something I could say could convince his wife to change the course of his death.

Carla shared with me that the events we thought caused his death, were only part of what truly caused his death. I have had to really digest this news because my understanding was always a lack of blood causing death. This news gives me peace in my heart. This was a person, whom others allowed his death to happen by restricting him from something to prevent his death. Carla shared that he would have passed over anyway due to other internal injuries.

She pegged the man that he was and described him very accurately. She also described what he meant to me in a way that I never thought about. He was my cheerleader, and always there for me no matter what. While I have missed him every day of my life since his passing, I never looked at some of the why’s his passing have really meant to me.

I am a huge fan of Carla’s and her reading was very in-depth. She was patient and very kind and made me thing of things I never, ever thought of in such a different light.

Thank you, Carla! I will remain a forever fan and I appreciate all the insight you have given me to help lead me to finding peace!!



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